2022 Annual M1 Garand / S&W MP EZ Raffle

Raffle tickets, for the M1 Garand and the Colt Python, are in hand and ready for delivery. As published, in the last Newsletter, the M1 Garand tickets cost $5, for one or $10, for three; the Colt Python, tickets cost $10, for one or $20, for three, due to the higher purchase price of the gun. Winners will be drawn, for both raffles, at the Annual Members Meeting in Bridgeport, WV, in March, 2023.

Proceeds, from the sale of the M1, are used to support junior shooting programs, exclusively, in West Virginia. Proceeds, from the Colt Python, are deposited into the WVSRPA operating (checking) account and are used to pay bills, to keep the association in business.

The winner, of the M1, will receive the gun and sling, along with instructions, in a plastic carrying case. It will be delivered, to your home, by FedEx.

M1 Garand, .30-06, semi-automatic rifle (8-round en bloc clips are not included).


The winner, of the Python, will receive the gun, a 25 round box of ammunition, a lock and instruction manual, plus a plastic, carrying case. The gun may be picked up, at Valley Guns II, in Inwood, WV; otherwise, arrangements must be made, for a transfer of the gun, to a dealer chosen by the winner.

Colt Python, .357 magnum, nickel finish, 4ΒΌ” barrel, double-action, 6 round cylinder, adjustable rear sight

District Directors should have raffle tickets, by the middle of August. Or, you can send checks or money orders to:

P.O. Box 553
Charles Town, WV 25414-0553

We will E-mail (or snail mail) your ticket stubs to you.
Please support your Association in this annual, fund-raising raffle.